Howdy folks!  Thanks for stopping.

My name is Molly Koenig.  I'm a gal born and raised in the Midwest, and blossomed in the Wild West.  After five years living and working in the Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon metropolitan areas, I've relocated back home to Moline, Illinois to rediscover the Heartland, spend time with my family, and try to make a living rocking non-profit accounting and making photographs.

I like honest, imperfect visual storytelling.  Photographs help me understand and celebrate where I am and who I am.  Which means, this is a place for my professional work and also my personal work.  And why, everything you see here is a pictorial testament in journeying to find my spot. 

In addition to that, I'm a self-proclaimed consumptionist, with a voracious appetite for all of the following:

romance // people with focus and drive // passionfruit // music festivals // moments that are warm and giggly // long-distance running // Tom Robbins, Simon Van Booy, Hanya Yanagihara, & Jeanette Winterson // Felicity marathons // surges of creativity // libraries // planning trips to faraway lands that I can't afford // home improvement projects // snuggly coffee mornings // quiet spirituality // my sisters // The String Cheese Incident, Jackie Greene, Deer Tick, and The National // curry // hand-written letters, long-winded emails, deep conversation // yoga // late nights over cocktails with my strong women friends // sleeping in with my kitties