April of this year feels like a million months ago.  A summer ago.

Kate and I made this list in April, on her back deck drinking beers, soaking up the sun, throwing the ball to the dog.

We were daydreaming about the summer. 

Perhaps a little ambitious for first-timers, we didn't make it even half way thru.  And yet - I still feel extremely accomplished.  It got us off the couch and kept us out of the bars a few times, it helped us celebrate togetherness all the time.

It made us the masters of our days and our destinies. 

(Jump off the high dive.)


(Go camping.)

(Visit Cry Baby Bridge.)

(Go canoeing.)

(Throw a block party.)


(Attend a baseball game.)


(Plan a float trip.)

Seize that goddamn day.

(Stay tuned as we continue tackling things on the list, as the warm days of the Indian Summer haven't totally escaped us yet.  Also!  The road to Cry Baby Bridge made for the perfect time to start a Winter List.  Coming soon!)

Happy day.  Don't stop til you get enough!!

This is what it looked like: